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Our Differentiation Mould Innovators

Delta English School is deeply committed to improving the quality of life of the students in the UAE and beyond. We are the leading provider of education with a depth and diversity of resources unmatched by any other institutions in the UAE. Our primary motive is to serve as the leading center of knowledge and creativity.

Delta English School has been guided from the start with a vision to provide differentiation to its educational endeavor. As one of the earliest C.B.S.E. schools in the country, we have a rich tradition of excellence and a history of producing students who truly make a difference to the society. The spirit and loyalty of Titans to their school are legendary - and with ample good reasons. We honor the past for the foundation it provides to help create the future. With one of the strongest and most competitive academic programs in the country, DES can help prepare your child to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We purposefully strive to provide a learning environment in which students and faculty are intellectually engaged inside and outside the classroom and across all academic disciplines. The two major powerhouses of the Delta Education System - SSP and Delta IQ have propelled DES to advance beyond traditional classroom instruction and develop cutting-edge learning tools such as Problem-Based Learning (PBL) sessions, Student Research, intra-group discussion, Delta Academic Testing (DAT) as well as world class facilities namely, the Ernest Hemingway Library and the DES Media Hub. These innovations are testimony to our motto -‘our differentiation truly will mould innovators

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